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Slowmo Skagit Casting From A High Bank

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  • Slowmo Skagit Casting From A High Bank

    A slow motion video clip of some daft ugly northern bugger demonstrating casting a 650 grain Skagit iFlight with 15ft of T17 attached to the front end. A client wanted video clip of lazy lobs and safe ways of casting out heavy tips and tungsten tubes. The tube I have on is 1/2" long tungsten with a tungsten cone. The rod is a G Loomis NRX15ft. The river is running at 2ft 9 above summer level and the bank is approximately 3 ft above the water and near impossible to access by any other means.

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    Nice one mate, classic cast on the wye these days but I struggle with the left hand so tend to fish off the left bank; too many years casting singles I guess. Luckily there is so much available on a day ticket through WUF but no night fishing sadly so not much seatrout action...
    Tight lines.