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Fishing rod building equipment, all tools and equipment, epoxy needed

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  • Fishing rod building equipment, all tools and equipment, epoxy needed

    fishing rod building EQUIPMENT,
    •CPW Custom power wrap lathe, with self centering chuck, gearbox upgrade (enables cork turning by having more control over speed and changing torque), 4x rod holders, variable speed foot pedal, tail stock ( cork turning), thread holder and tensioner on slide action g'night.
    •240v to 110v converter (lathe)
    •Fuji rod dryer/turner.
    •Epoxy mixer 240v.
    •Cork handle PRESS.
    •Crafty cutter(cork insert cutting drill bit).
    •Cork cutting bit.
    • ALPS lathe mandrel ( cork turning 3x)
    Different sizes.
    •Titebond wood glue and pro cork filler.
    • various cork door grade and synthetic.
    • Rod and brush cleaner.
    • Alcohol torch.
    •Threadmaster high build epoxy part a 32floz & b 32floz.
    •Rod dancer ultimate epoxy 15min cure part a 4floz & part b 4floz.
    •Flexcoat rod builders epoxy glue 2hr set time part a 2floz Ł part b 2floz.
    •Threadmaster lite epoxy part a 2floz & part b 2floz (approx 40% left in bottle).
    •6 quantity threadmaster chroma seal color preserver & thread sealent 1floz (NEW).
    •Plastic & foil mix/measure cups.
    •21 coloured threads/ 13 metalic threads.
    •5 quantity reamers 1 large home made and 4 shorter bought ones ( homemade is designed to be used in kathe).
    •All other tool needed from blades, brushes, taoe, mixing sticks, new & used guides, new hook keeps, hot melt glue, syringes, sand paper, tip measuring tool, scissors, everything required.
    All the best possible equipment to buy i have imported the lathe and extras from USA as they are regarded as the best rod lathe you can buy, very m, epoxies again are the best in money can buy, and large quantities really wont be needing to buy any for a very long time.

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    Please put a price to this HW.